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Emergency Planning

Some simple planning can make an enormous difference if your business is struck by disaster or emergency. 43 percent of businesses that experience a disaster and have no emergency plan, never reopen. Of those that do reopen, only 29% are still operating two years later (The Hartford’s Guide to Emergency Preparedness Planning)

Planning can help your business respond to and recover from disaster. A good plan can save lives and even a bare-bones plan can reduce the impact of disaster and help your business recover more quickly.

Every business should consider having two types of emergency plans: an Emergency Response Plan and a Continuity of Operations Plan.

  • Emergency Response Plans describe how your employees will respond to disasters or emergencies. These plans typically include information on likely hazards or threats, what employees should do during an event, and what resources are available to assist. 
  • Continuity of Operations Plans describe steps your business can take to continue operations or to re-open as soon as possible following a disaster or emergency. 
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