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Cuyahoga County is encouraging communities to consolidate their 9-1-1 dispatch centers. These dispatch centers, known as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPS), answer calls and dispatch Police, Fire, and EMS departments to a caller's location.

Currently there are 32 PSAPs within Cuyahoga County, including the Cuyahoga Emergency Communications System (CECOMS). CECOMS operators answer all cellular 9-1-1 calls placed in Cuyahoga County, with the exception of the city of Cleveland, and they transfer those cellular 9-1-1 calls to the PSAP responsible for the area where the incident is occurring. Dispatchers at that PSAP then send the appropriate assistance to the caller. Last year CECOMS operators answered more than 800,000 cellular 9-1-1 calls.

Consolidation of PSAPs can result in greater efficiency and cost savings for communities within the County. CECOMS currently dispatches for Olmsted Township Police and Fire Departments and it is likely they will assume additional dispatching responsibilities in the future as consolidation proceeds.

In addition to answering cellular 9-1-1 calls, CECOMS provides a variety of other services such as dissemination of Emergency Alert System (EAS) messages, including Amber Alerts, for a nine county region, media alerts, mutual aid coordination for municipalities, and maintaining the Cuyahoga County Hospital Restriction Program and Override Policy.

Click here to view the Cuyahoga County 9-1-1 Consolidation Plan.