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"Our mission is to educate, inform, and assist regulated chemical facilities in Cuyahoga County in protecting people and the environment from hazardous material releases through hazard reduction, accident prevention, and emergency preparedness."

A Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) is a coordinated planning group comprised of individuals who have knowledge of and experience with planning and responding to hazardous material incidents. The LEPC exists to plan, coordinate, and communicate on issues involving chemical inventory compliance, hazmat response plan development, and training.

The Cuyahoga County LEPC is made up of representatives from various disciplines, including: firefighting, law enforcement, environmental agencies, government, public health, education, transportation, emergency management, volunteer organizations, and industry representatives.

Some of the duties of the Cuyahoga County LEPC include: receiving and analyzing annual chemical inventories from 1,000+ facilities, maintaining the Cuyahoga County Hazmat Emergency Response Plan, performing a hazardous analysis for Extremely Hazardous Substance facilities, coordinating with the County Hazmat Teams, hosting hazmat-related training courses, conducting an annual hazmat exercise, and much more. 

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Contact us at or 216-443-7597.
Cuyahoga County LEPC
9300 Quincy Ave, Floor 2
Cleveland, OH 44106

Business Hours:
24/7 Spill Line: 216-771-1363