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Welcome to the Emergency Operations Center

a room filled with desks and computers

At the Office of Emergency Management, we have a physical structure called the Emergency Operation Center or EOC.

In a disaster or emergency situation, key decision makers from pertinent agencies assemble here to help facilitate the decision making process and the resource acquisition process. To put it more simply if the situation warrants multiple agencies, then the EOC has probably been activated to assist and support in the response and recovery of that particular incident.

computer monitors

Within Cuyahoga County, our EOC is in a hardened facility and has approximately 40 work stations. The incident will determine what agencies are represented. For instance, during the 2016 Republican National Convention all the desks were filled (including some of our federal partners). However for a landfill fire in East Cleveland, only a handful of desks were filled. The underlying mission of supporting the incident and the incident responders stays consistent.