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Welcome to our Emergency Management Events Page

In addition to trainings and exercises, the Office of Emergency Management hosts and supports many outreach and educational events throughout the year.

If your community or organization has an upcoming event and would like to Emergency Management staff to attend to share preparedness information, please contact us at:



The mission of the Cuyahoga County Office of Emergency Management is to protect lives, property and the economy of Cuyahoga County through preparedness, planning, and effective response to natural disasters, man-made catastrophes, and emergencies.


To establish the Cuyahoga County Office of Emergency Management as an accredited emergency management organization, widely recognized as the best emergency management agency in Ohio and one of the best in the Great Lakes Region.

CCOEM personnel will be leaders in the field of emergency management and will be recognized for their professional competence, dedication, and willingness to assist other emergency management partners throughout Ohio.

   Click the poster to find out about the Ohio Committee for Severe Weather Awareness  Annual Poster Contest
(hint: the Overall Winner is from Cuyahoga County)